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Wash Your Clothes Without Laundry Detergent

Save time. Save money. Save the environment.

It's never been faster, easier, more economical, or earth-friendly to wash and protect your clothes. Simply toss an environmentally-safe Gargoyles wash ball into your washing machine with your dirty clothes and press Start.

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Respect for the environment — zero chemicals

Ocean preservation

Just as effective as traditional detergent

Up to 1,500 loads. Save up to $1040 on laundry cleaning.

Respect for the environment — zero chemicals

Ocean preservation

Just as effective as traditional washing powders and liquids

Up to 1,500 washes. Save up to $1040 on laundry cleaning

How Does It Clean?

Each Gargoyles ball contains 150 bio-ceramic beads that naturally raise the water's pH to the same pH level as detergents. This process creates natural alkaline water that is able to thoroughly remove stains, odors, and bacteria from fabrics, effectively cleaning your clothes. No chemicals or detergent soap also means less wear and tear, and minimal fading. You do something good for the planet, and your clothes look good longer, too.  

Economical As Well As Ecological

One Gargoyles can be used for up to 1,500 wash loads, meaning it will last four years on average.
You can save up to $1,040 on laundry.

Committed To The Preservation Of The Oceans 🌍 and The Saving Of The Planet.

The impact of traditional detergents—even so-called organic ones—are incredibly detrimental to our ecosystem. Impossible to filter out due to their liquid state, they destroy coral, sterilize soil, kill fauna and flora, acidify waters, and cause irreparable harm to Earth's most vulnerable populations.

Gargoyles were created out of a deep desire to make a positive difference in the world by changing the way we do laundry and limiting our impact on the environment—or, even better, helping to counter and reverse that impact. In addition to not adding pollution to our oceans, we’re committed to removing 1 pound of plastic waste from our waters for every Gargoyles ordered.

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What they say about us! 😍


It's great! I have three children, and that means at least four loads of laundry a week. Now that I use my Gargoyles, my laundry is super clean, and my wallet is better off.


A great product that I recommend to anyone looking for an eco-friendly alternative!


A super product that allows you to put an end to polluting with your laundry. For those who want to reduce their ecological impact, go for it.


I bought this laundry ball on the advice of a friend. I'm totally won over. At first, it was confusing to have laundry that didn't smell. But you get used to it.


  • ECONOMICAL: Reusable up to 1,500 times, roughly the equivalent of four years of wash loads and about $1,040.
  • PERFORMING: Helps preserve the color of your clothes and increase the mixing of laundry in the washing machine for a more efficient wash.
  • EASY TO USE:  Compatible with all top-load, front-load, and HE washing machines.
  • ECOLOGICAL: In addition to creating zero pollution, we are committed to removing 1 pound of plastic waste for every Gargoyle ordered.
  • TIP:  Use 3  Gargoyles for 12 lbs of dirty clothes, 5  Gargoyles for 20 lbs of dirty clothes.  

A Plus For The Planet and Your Clothes

In addition to killing the environment, conventional detergents drastically reduce the lifespan of your clothes. Our Gargoyles work to help preserve the fabric and color of your clothing. Longer-lasting clothing means fewer items get thrown away and end up in landfills, so we help save our planet in two ways.  

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