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Our Vision

Tomorrow will be a cleaner day.

We can no longer afford to ignore or continue to contribute to the ecological disaster unfolding before us. We have reached the final limits of what can be ransacked, soiled, and intoxicated. The world around us has exhausted the planet, nature, and its resources. Today, we must rebuild the future on a healthier, more humane, and environmentally-friendly basis. With The Gargoyles, we want to eliminate the ocean debris and make a gesture of love toward the Earth. We believe that every individual has a role to play and that we can all become the heroes of tomorrow. By washing your clothes with Gargoyles, you’re helping us to clean and preserve the planet.

Solving A Complex Problem With A Simple, Effective Solution

At The Gargoyles, we are entirely devoted to sharing and researching washing solutions that work with nature rather than against it. Our efforts to promote this simple, affordable, sustainable method of washing is based on our love for the land and the oceans, and our dream of seeing them cleaned of all waste.

Since the end of World War II, laundry washing powder and liquids have become the most widely-used household product in the world. Most consumers believe that laundry washing powder and liquids are just simple soaps, when, in fact, they are one of the most toxic substances contained in nearly every household. Our mission is to raise awareness of this scourge and offer a simple, effective, affordable, ecological solution.

Getting Rid Of Plastic and Chemical Waste

Our aim to eradicate plastic waste from our oceans. The thick plastic laundry bottles found in supermarkets all over the world account for 50 million tons of plastic waste per year—waste that is sent to landfills halfway around the world, mainly in Malaysia, where it poisons the daily lives of the most vulnerable populations.

Gargoyles are unique washing balls that completely replace laundry detergent. They're the zero-waste alternative that works just as well as or better than traditional laundry washing powder and liquids. The Gargoyles have one clear goal in mind: cleaning the planet, one Gargoyles wash load after another.